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It expands players' vocabulary, improves spelling and informs of the meaning of some unusual words, that BRINGS EVERYONE TOGETHER as there is no limit to the number of players so the whole family and friends can play at the same time, and DEVELOPS TACTICAL SKILLS as players learn to apply different strategies at different times to come out on top.     ...Read more.

Whirred PLAYTM  Witch Whirred Wood Yew Chews?

Achieve victory by selecting different words to your opponents. The fewer players you match up with the quicker you travel around the board, and the more likely you are to win. Beware, though, if you take the lead as you may get challenged to a Pare UP duel and be hauled back towards the chasing pack.

Choosing a word is easy; the difficulty lies in choosing the right words to win the game.

Whirred PLAYTM is a skill based word game anybody can win

Whirred PLAYTM can be played by the whole family, by kids on their own, or by adults among themselves. The mix of players and the different strategies used could be the same every time, but the outcome would always be different!