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Coming soon, exciting new Pare Up App from Whirred PLAYTM for your Smartphone.


Pare Up utilises the special head-to-head element within Whirred PLAYTM providing the Smartphone user with the opportunity to get into the mind of the Smartphone itself. The user will have one minute to try to match up with as many homophone spellings selected by the Smartphone as possible, but with the added jeopardy of cancelling their total score for any wrong 'Pare UP' submitted. Players will have the opportunity to become Whirled Champion by registering their highest totals. There will also be the opportunity to earn and buy cheats' to improve your chances of submitting a record high score.


The Pare UP App is in fact two Apps in one, with an additional App called Whirred UP included which will test the Smartphone users ability to get into the mind of the Smartphone in a completely different Whirred PLAYTM challenge.


Watch this space for news of the Pare UP App launch on Android.

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Coming from Whirred PLAYTM soon... Pare UP App for Android!

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