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Whirred PLAYTM is an excellent aid for teaching the Key Stage 2 Literacy Curriculum topic of homophones. Whirred PLAYTM has been successfully trialled across several primary school age groups and is particularly relevant for Years 4, 5 and 6. However, Whirred PLAYTM is also relevant for higher aged students struggling with spelling as well as being an excellent resource as a teaching aid for students where English is not a first language.


The double premise that everyone can participate in Whirred PLAYTM at the same time and that anyone can win regardless of vocabulary means that Whirred PLAYTM appeals to all students whatever their literacy capabilities. The competitive element of the game also has high appeal to boys who traditionally are more difficult to get interested in reading and spelling.

The board game is an excellent educational resource in itself as it can be played by small groups of 4-10 students either as a reward based activity for those that have grasped a subject well and would not benefit from being part of a larger group revisiting that topic, particularly gifted and talented students, or as an entertaining, engaging revision aid for small groups of students struggling with the concept of homophones. The board game particularly appeals to SEN students as it is a great leveller enabling students from these groups to compete on a level playing field with more able students.


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However, an added benefit arises from Whirred PLAYTM through utilising the specially designed Classroom version of the game which allows any number of students, across all ranges of literacy capabilities, to participate in playing the game at the same time ... and all with an equal chance of winning. A customised copy of the Whirred PLAYTM classroom version can be delivered electronically which utilises the electronic white board, allowing all participants to clearly see how they are performing at all times. A full set of instructions and guidelines are provided along with a unique random homophone generator to select which homophones to spell. Depending upon the number of participants, a typical Whirred PLAYTM session lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.

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